Moving Questions

  1. How long does it take to move?

    This is dependent on many factors, such as:  weather conditions, the size of your household, the time required to load and unload, the distance from the uploading address to your new address,  lifts or stairs involved in the move,access to the properties. The more difficult the access the longer it will take. Similarly, when moving from or to an apartment/unit, the more flights of stairs or if there are lifts  the longer the move will take.

    As a general rule: Being well organised and ready to go, helps our movers to be more efficient with their time.

  2. Are your removalist able to dismantle and re-assemble furniture?

    Yes,our staff can dismantle and re-assemble most of the furniture.

  3. How do you protect the furniture?

    All furniture is professionally wrapped by our experienced removalists with special thick moving blankets

  4. Am I expected to give the removalists any food or drinks when they are working?

    You are not expected to do this. However, providing water for the workmen is much appreciated.

  5. Can removalists remove their shoes/boots when walking in the house?

    NO.Workplace Health & Safety prohibits the removal of shoes/boots from our removalists.

  6. How should I prepare my fridge?

    This should be emptied and wiped clean throughout. Ensure all fridge magnets, photos and papers are taken off the fridge, as these will fall off during the Removal.

  7. Can items be left in furniture drawers?

    Yes. Soft,light, non-breakables can remain in the furniture drawers. This includes clothing, linens, pillows, blankets, etc. You must remove items that are heavy, fragile or of high value.

  8. How does the hourly rate work?

    After minimum fee (Mon -Fri minimum one hour, Sat-Sun and Public Holidays minimum of two hours) the charge is per minute.

  9. Do you have a cancellation policy?

    We ask that you give us 24hours notice.If you do not cancel your booking and our truck arrives, there is a standard 1 hour minimum charge fee that will apply.

  10. Is there anything that is not safe for removal?

    Yes, there are some things that we cannot move. Most of these items fall under the classification of Prohibited Goods such as LPG gas bottles, paints, flammables (aerosol, petrol, fertilisers, corrosive liquids), ammunition and solvents.

  11. Is it essential that I am present during the move?

    Yes.We strongly suggest that you are present to identify which goods are staying and which are going, if you have boxes that are fragile and need to be pointed out, and to answer any other questions.

  12. Do you supply boxes for free?

    NO, we sell our entire packing material; see our online shop for prices.

  13. Can I pick up the boxes and packing materials myself?

    Yes, if you wish, but we also deliver all packing materials the following day. There is no charge for delivery (within Melbourne area only).

  14. Can I pack my own removal boxes?

    You can pack your own boxes. It should however be noted that any breakages in those boxes packed by the client are the client's responsibility.

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